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What I’ve learned: There’s no ‘easy’ button, and nothing is automatic.4 min read

Oct 5, 2016 3 min

What I’ve learned: There’s no ‘easy’ button, and nothing is automatic.4 min read

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While Hemu Sinha was looking to broaden his horizons he deliberated moving to a different city in search of better options. All it took was a job application for a seemingly promising start-up with the ambitious goal of digitising the parking industry and a skype call with Chirag Jain, the co-founder of Get My Parking, offering him a week long internship at their makeshift office in Delhi NCR. Hemu was not the one to be deterred by the lack of a fancy office or the challenge of adapting to a new city. The promise of being a part of a radical tech-start-up was enough for him to take the leap of faith and get on a train to Delhi. Little did Hemu know that this journey would lead to another which would transform his career completely!


I managed to catch hold of Hemu for a little tête-à-tête on his 1 year work anniversary before he could leave our swanky new office for a field visit. We asked him about his initial days at GMP and his response was, “The initial days at a new job can be daunting for anyone be it a fresher, a manager or a CEO. Right on my first day at the job, I went on-field for a client meeting with Rasik, the co-founder of GMP. I was not surprised by what I saw that day as I expected the work to be quite demanding.” On being asked about the one trait that has helped him manage the demands of his job and keep-up with the arduous task of selling a company’s vision to potential stakeholders like parking owners, Hemu reminisced his early days at GMP, “Patience while waiting for the future to unfold is a skill that is helpful in all areas of our lives, especially in the B2B market. There is no ‘easy’ button, and nothing is automatic. Patience, hard work, and delayed gratification – though as unglamorous as they might sound are the three ingredients you need to succeed. Eventually, we did crack the deal that day. Later, we went for a movie with the whole team.  Those early times are memorable for me. We had a small team which is more like a family to me and each day was brought new challenge- teaching us new things”

After his internship, Hemu was offered a full-time job at GMP, which he accepted without a second thought. “With each deal, I got to learn something new, from learning to cope with patience, negotiations, leadership skills, peer management, handling objections skilfully, providing useful feedback for our app development etc. The best part is that I still get to my work in my style without having to change who I am but whenever I need help, the bosses are just one call away”, he added.


Digging down deeper to understand the work culture at Get My Parking, I couldn’t help but shoot another question at Hemu who was visibly irritated by now for being held up, he hastily replied that “We have a flat structure where no one is allowed to be bossy and everyone is accessible. We are a bunch of ambitious peers. Along with our regular business partners, I also got to meet government officials like the MCD commissioner, sales tax commissioner during our IPL launch prep. Plus, our founders are very supportive. We spend a lot of time talking to them and the best part is they listen and act on our concerns.”

With a foot out of the door and a smile stretched from ear to ear, the young ninja (as GMP founders like to call their employees)  expressed,  “Today, I see myself as a professional with a strong work ethic who has come a long way. I am currently managing a small sales team. I couldn’t have asked for better mentorship or more growth in such a short span of time.” Pointing to his watch, Hemu sprinted down the stairs for a parking lot.

Hemu Sinha is currently working as the City Sales Manager at Get My Parking.

About the Author:
Aanchal, currently working at India’s first deaf-run lifestyle brand as their Business head, likes to study change management and leadership. In her spare time, she can be found writing about start-ups, love and her love for starting up.