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Hack your way to one of the coolest startups in Delhi2 min read

May 3, 2017 2 min

Hack your way to one of the coolest startups in Delhi2 min read

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Which problem affects millions of urban commuters daily, but is yet untouched by technology? Parking is a menace that everyone wishes was solved miraculously. We, at Get My Parking, digitise the parking industry with our mobile solutions to enable that magic. In just under 2 years, we have become the market leaders and the most funded smart parking startup in South-East Asia. And now we need you.

We have built the world’s first IOT platform that digitises any type of unorganised parking, including the streets of Chandni Chowk. Our integrated solution caters to the needs of all stakeholders like contractors, government agencies, and of course, the commuters. Presently, we process 50,000 parking tickets every day through 500 smart parking systems installed in 200+ locations across Delhi NCR. Now and then, we get to manage the parking spaces at mega events, like Kumbh Mela or IPL.

IBM has awarded us as ‘Top 10 Tech startups’ at India-UK Tech Summit, and ‘Top 3 smart city startups’. We have an amazing team of 45 members who live a roller coaster ride of startup life. And now, we would love to work with some super humans who can code for our mobile team, Android and iOS both, in Delhi.

An online Hackathon event has been marked on the calendar, at HackerEarth on May 6 at 12 pm. Crack the code challenge, and you will get to be a part of a new adventure everyday with our jubilant team.


You will get to learn, evolve and increase your awesomeness by living on the cutting edge. It’s not just going to be about coding, but producing measurable and positively impactful solutions at everyone’s disposal.

Geeks, hackers, and dreamers all grouped together here, our company is flourishing in leaps and bounds. Not to mention our extremely talented tech team will be fun to work with.

Our fun filled work station would be everything you could have asked for. Not boasting, but we are sure to get your ideas surging out of your brain in the amazingly captivating ambience of our office.

Don’t believe our words? See for yourself:

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Ready, Set, Hack!