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Advantages of Automated Parking System2 min read

Nov 8, 2017 2 min
How Automated Parking Garages work

Advantages of Automated Parking System2 min read

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All Automated Parking System (APS) take advantage of a common concept to decrease the area of parking spaces – removing the driver and passengers from the car before it is parked. With either fully automated or semi-automated APS, the car is driven up to an entry point to the APS and the driver and passengers exit the car. The car is then moved automatically or semi-automatically (with some attendant action required) to its parking space.

Advantages of Automated Parking System

A key factor in parking garage development is always building size. Compared to conventional parking facilities, Automated Parking Systems require an area approximately 70% smaller and a 50% smaller volume on average to park an equivalent number of cars. This gives the parking garage developer lots more options such as adding more parking spaces, utilizing more area for non-parking purposes or green spaces, etc.

Advantages of Automated Parking System

  • Feasibility & Profitability

Car parking and parking garage development often have a direct effect on the feasibility of a real estate project. The design flexibility of Automated Parking Systems can help in terms of both feasibility and profitability by enabling parking to be located in areas where conventional parking won’t fit. The possible locations for APS are virtually unlimited: above ground, underground, freestanding, underneath or integrated into existing buildings and even very narrow or irregularly shaped areas.

  • Eco-Friendliness & Sustainability

Automated Parking Systems can reduce CO2 emissions by 85% or more by eliminating the need for cars to drive and idle while searching for parking spaces. For parking garage development, APS typically require fewer building materials, a much smaller excavation volume, shorter construction time and reduced construction disruption. For the ultimate in sustainability, Automated Parking Systems are most often the least expensive option for underground parking garages.

  • Inherent Safety & Security

The safety and security of cars, drivers, and pedestrians are always a priority for parking garage development projects. Compared to conventional parking garages, Automated Parking Systems are inherently much safer and more secure because they remove driving and pedestrians from the parking area. No driving means no car damage or zero possibility of stolen cars.

With the elimination of ramps, driving lanes, pedestrians and the reduction in ceiling heights, the APS requires substantially less structural material than the multi-story parking garage. This contributes to an overall volume reduction and further space savings for the APS.