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All About Solar-Powered Parking Lots2 min read

Sep 17, 2018 2 min

All About Solar-Powered Parking Lots2 min read

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Imagine a hot summer day with your car parked out in the sun. It almost hurts to think of getting back into that stifling hot vehicle, doesn’t it? Here is where Solar-Powered Parking Lots come to your rescue. Not your ordinary rooftop solar panel holders, these can be built over sections of a parking lot. They offer the double benefit of shade and energy generation – providing electricity to vehicles that need it for charging and protecting the parking lot from direct sunlight. Solar powered parking lots offer a host of benefits that you wouldn’t find in your ordinary parking lot.

Solar-Powered Parking LotsOptimal use of space

Solar panel canopies don’t take up any space being used by vehicles. With at least a dozen feet up in the air, they don’t obstruct the parking process. Additionally, solar panels installed on the parking lot’s roof can be used to generate electricity. In other words, instead of installing solar panels over a building and wasting space, owners can benefit from installing them over the parking lot. Thus, it’s no surprise that solar-powered parking lots are now seeing wide adoption among big corporations like the Delhi Metro that usually have huge parking lots. 

Reduced spending on parking lot maintenance

Areas with excessive snow and rainfall finally have a low-cost solution for the maintenance of their parking lots. Many solar canopies can channel snow and rain to a certain area on the rooftop. This not only makes cleaning rooftops easy but also makes parking lots much safer by preventing accidents and blockages, while allowing ample space to drive in and park vehicles.

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Sustainable development

Parking your car under a solar canopy has a positive effect on the fuel economy of your vehicle. This is because you no longer have to use an AC to keep your car temperature within a comfortable range. But what makes it so much more appealing is that it’s eco-friendly – it doesn’t involve depletion of fossil fuels is avoided because sunlight is a renewable resource. The solar panels will last for 25-40 years, especially if there are no batteries involved, ensuring long-term benefits without constant reinstallation. 

Solar-Powered Parking Lots- Final words

With the depletion of fossil fuels and increasing dependence on non-renewable sources of energy, it is only wise to invest in green energy. Solar powered parking lots are only the beginning of this movement, offering so much more than just a parking space. Today, solar panels cost about half of what they did some years back. Thus, it’s a good time to invest in Solar-Powered parking lots and put your empty parking lot to good use.