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Parking – Best Practices to Follow3 min read

Mar 26, 2019 3 min

Parking – Best Practices to Follow3 min read

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No doubt you are a responsible and careful driver who follows all the traffic rules and regulations. But are you a responsible parker? Bet you never thought of that!

In India, The Motor Vehicles Act governs not only driving practices but parking as well. Some rules have been implemented keeping parking in mind. For example, did you know that if you park your vehicle in such a way that it blocks someone else’s way out of a parking lot, that person can have you arrested? Many other lesser-known rules exist as well. Parking – Best Practices to Follow

To stay out of trouble, you should learn to follow the best parking practices.

Consider these parking practices while you park:

  • While parking, make sure you park well inside the white lines. They have been painted to assist you to park centrally. If you park beyond the lines, you invariably make it difficult for someone else to park next to you
  • Be mindful of other people’s convenience. Keep your eyes open. For example, if you have parked in a tight spot, fold your side view mirrors so that others are able to squeeze past your vehicle
  • Don’t be a driveway blocker. That is just plain annoying. Never park across someone else’s driveway. Don’t let even a bit of your vehicle’s front or back hang over someone’s driveway, which may cause them trouble during entry or exit. If you are sharing a driveway with your neighbors, be extra careful about blocking. If your guests’ cars cannot be accommodated in your own driveway, always ask for permission before you use your neighbors’.
  • Avoid car parks and spaces reserved for certain groups – the elderly, physically challenged or families. It’s simply not fair to those people. Those spaces have been designed to make their daily lives a bit easier, so keep that in mind. It is easy to rationalize parking in such spaces by thinking – “Just two minutes” or, “it’s empty anyway”. Unless you have a permit, these parking spots are a strict no no
  • Be alert and scan for parking spots as you drive along. This prevents you from blocking traffic on the road while you crawl looking to squeeze in between parked cars
  • When you spot a parking space, make sure you get the tail end of your vehicle in as quickly as possible. You can work on straightening your parking afterward, but your first priority should be to avoid blocking the street for other vehicles and passersby
  • After parking, look around carefully before you open your car doors. Just flinging your doors open wide can endanger motorbike riders or bicyclists and also causes cars to swerve to avoid a crash. Similarly, in a parking lot, you may dent the car parked next to you if it’s too close and you are too hasty
  • No matter where you are parked, get into your car only when you are ready to leave and then leave immediately. Parking spaces are always scarce, and other drivers will definitely be waiting for a spot to be vacated

Finding a parking spot tends to be frustrating and time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be. If we all follow the best parking practices, we can make the parking experience seamless and stress-free for everyone. Start today!