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Why Your Business Needs Parking Management Software3 min read

Jul 30, 2019 3 min

Why Your Business Needs Parking Management Software3 min read

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People need parking spaces everywhere they go – homes, offices, malls, hospitals, airports. But the parking business doesn’t run simply on demand and supply – people need convenient and stress-free parking, not just parking. A parking lot that offers hassle-free parking with efficient parking management software attracts the most business.Parking Management Software

If your parking facility uses manual or legacy systems, faces high costs and suffers from revenue leakages, it needs the support of a robust parking management software. Read on to explore how the right software can not only increase return on investment (ROI) but also streamline daily operations.

The need for parking management software

An efficient parking system manages vehicles irrespective of where it is placed – shopping malls, offices, hospitals, residential areas or other public places. Tickets are generated quickly and traffic is regulated smoothly. At the same time, the security of vehicles and the drivers’ peace of mind are ensured.

Furthermore, city governments are also in search of new ways to ensure improved traffic law enforcement. They’re looking for solutions that help detect parking violations and impose fines electronically. Relying on meters and other analog systems for monitoring a given area is effective only to a certain degree, and is not capable of eliminating revenue loss entirely.

With smart parking software solutions, parking facility owners, as well as city governments, can effectively cut losses and improve revenue.

Applications of a parking management software

It is used by parking companies to manage the influx of vehicles, optimize parking space, and ensure safety. Dynamic software is able to:

  • Track inbound and outbound traffic within a parking lot
  • Create parking permits and passes for multiple locations
  • Track the validity of these permits
  • Manage different kinds of parking
  • Integrate payment solutions at entry or exit
  • Generate reports on KPIs such as space utilization, revenue, etc.

Before a new software is implemented, it is crucial to ensure that the parking staff is proficient in operating it. Due to the training costs involved, most parking businesses think twice about implementing it. But parking management software is different – it is easy to use and requires minimal training.  Consequently, businesses can cut down on investment in training their staff as well.

Driving ROI with parking management software

Since Get My Parking’s software is flexible and versatile, it proves to be an intelligent and reliable parking solution. It relies on digitization which helps free-up capital by reducing extra costs. It also provides a clearer value proposition in relation to ROI planning. All this is something that traditional parking management fails to do.

In addition to this, our parking management software also helps cut down on labor costs by relying more on automation than human effort. By optimizing parking space, the land can be better utilized and the expenditure on human resources can be reduced.

With all the above reasons combined, adopting a parking management software can contribute significantly towards a better ROI for parking businesses.

All urban areas today are faced with a scarcity of affordable, efficient, and secure parking solutions. However, the disruptive presence of parking management software is reducing parking complexities worldwide by offering specialized parking solutions powered by automation and digitization. It is enabling governments and contractors to improve the infrastructure of their parking lots and achieve much more. Businesses that capitalize on the benefits of parking management software, can enhance customer experience and realize greater profitability.

Get My Parking’s smart operator module 

Get My Parking’s cloud-based parking management software is designed to help owners and managers plug leakages, boost revenue, and get a bird’s eye view of their facility. With a multi-lingual android interface that supports offline functionality, Get My Parking digitizes any parking lot in just under 10 minutes. From ticketing management to payments, the smart operator module is an investment no modern facility can miss.