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Reverse Parking Is Safer. Here’s Why2 min read

Jun 9, 2020 2 min
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Reverse Parking Is Safer. Here’s Why2 min read

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When it comes to safety, most motorists tend to overlook a parking space as a potential site for accidents. In fact, cruising vehicles and distracted driving in parking lots are some of the most common reasons behind accidents. By following proper safety mandates and using a reverse parking method, however, such accident risks can be mitigated immensely.

To optimize safety in parking facilities, motorists must learn to back in their vehicles instead of parking them front first. When reverse parking, a driver is more aware of their surroundings and is, therefore, more capable of maneuvering a vehicle across the vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Reverse Parking

In this article, we will explore why reverse parking is a relatively safer parking method.

Enhanced visibility for the driver

When a driver reverses out of a parking lot, he faces more blind spots; the decrease in visibility prevents him from safely driving out of the space. This could prove even more dangerous when a car parked front first is reversed out into the path of a speeding vehicle. By the time driver realizes his mistake, it’s too late to pull back and a collision is inevitable.

In comparison, when the vehicle is parked reversed into a spot, the driver has better visibility of his surroundings. This is especially important when a parking space is darkor when weather conditions are adverse.

Eases maneuvering

In cities, the parking facilities available to motorists are mostly crowded and tightly packed. This could make performing even a basic maneuver extremely difficult, especially if the vehicle is parked front first. In such a case, motorists spendmore time trying to maneuver the vehicle while driving out of the parking lot.

However, if motorists reverse into a parking space, carrying out the maneuvers is a piece of cake. With reverse parking, vehicles can wriggle out neatly even out of a smaller space using the vehicle’s front wheels.

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Delivers fuel efficiency

Motorists should park their vehicles in such a manner that when they drive out, theyalready face the direction they will be going in. In this way, motorists can save on fuel costs significantly. Since a cold engine tends to consume more fuel, if motorists reverse out of a parking space, they burn more fuel.

A cold engine also wears off faster than a warm engine. So when a vehicle is parked forward first, all the maneuvering needed to move it out of the parking lot will also adversely affect the vehicle’s engine. For a more cost-effective and fuel-efficient method, motorists should thus rely on reverse parking.

In summation

Safety can be ensured in a parking space by simply following a reverse parking method when occupying a vacant spot. As it improves visibility, drivers also become vigilant of their surroundings and take more care while reversing back the vehicle. In this manner, any potential injury or property damage can be prevented and drivers can exit a space with ease.