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Top 3 Reasons That Make Singapore The Smartest City3 min read

Oct 13, 2020 3 min

Top 3 Reasons That Make Singapore The Smartest City3 min read

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According to the IMD Smart City Index 2020, Singapore ranks first, as the ‘smartest’ among 109 global cities. The survey collated information on how a city combines technology, leadership, and livability in an urban setting. The relentless drive to become a digital innovation hub has driven the city-state to realize its vision at a rapid pace. Today, Singapore is the undeniable champion in smart mobility, healthcare and safety, efficient governance, and overall livability. Here are the top three reasons that make Singapore the smartest city in the world.

First Thing First- Health and Safety

Singapore has worked on delivering collaborative and people-centric models. The development of community-focused healthcare projects like Health City Novena is one such example.

Singapore has effectively established a healthcare environment that embraces innovation to ensure quality medical care. After all, a healthy population translates into a resilient workforce and citizenry. Through a broad class of technologies- remote monitoring devices and digital service platforms- the authorities have instituted healthcare facilities for the elderly population as well.

Besides, with over half a million police surveillance cameras and web-based police portals, Singapore is regarded as one of the world’s safest places (Safe Cities Index 2019). Levels of urban safety and technological resilience are adept indicators of a ‘smart’ city. Singapore emerges as a winner here.

A Smart City Needs Smart Mobility Solutions

With the idea of providing advanced mobility solutions to all citizens, the Singaporean authorities have developed effective public transport systems. The city’s transit networks are highly efficient, affordable, accessible, and ecologically sustainable. This has encouraged people to lead relatively active lifestyles through cost-effective and comfortable transportation.

According to the 2018 McKinsey report, Singapore has the best-in-class transport system. Technology has a key role to play in Singapore’s smart mobility initiatives. The city’s leaders have proactively built and executed smart and connected traffic solutions. In unison with stringent policies discouraging car ownership, shared and public transport provisions are strongly applied.

The city-state has developed and implemented pioneering smart mobility solutions for its citizens.  And, the arrival of stationless shared bicycles–Ofo, Mobike, oBike, and electric car-pooling service like BlueSG– has strikingly complemented the public transport in Singapore.  Further, infrastructure is being built to incorporate active mobility modes like cycling and/or walking with public transit networks such as mass rapid transit (MRT) and buses.

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Administrative Services for the Smart City Vision

Singapore has a free market economy with the third-highest per-capita GDP in the world. In fact, the city-state has achieved remarkable development in just a matter of a few decades. To attract foreign investors, Singapore has developed a corruption-free and low-taxation environment. The credit goes to the country’s strong government agencies and their pragmatic administrative policies.

Certain crucial national projects such as SingPass (the national digital identity portal), PayNow (integrated and interoperable e-payment approach), and Moments of Life (integration of all governmental services on one platform), allow Singapore to stand a class apart.

Harnessing information, technology, and digitalization is Singapore’s holy grail toward becoming the Smartest City in the world. As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, the country evidently favors innovation and technology. The support to public-private collaborations and the startup ecosystem has enabled Singapore to innovate and devise superlative digital technology solutions.

A city-state with enhanced livability and mobility is the standard benchmark of the quality of life of its residents. So, Singapore’s government proactively makes technological advancements to offer every possible protection, facility, and comfort to its people. With constant investments in the field of mobility, healthcare, the security of citizens, business development, and energy. Singapore is undoubtedly among the smartest countries in the world.