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Benefits of Digital Permits for Employees: Commute Made Easy4 min read

Sep 30, 2021 3 min

Benefits of Digital Permits for Employees: Commute Made Easy4 min read

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As real estate in urban areas has dwindled over the years, parking woes have multiplied for motorists. Corporates in particular struggle with providing organized parking spaces to employees on a day-to-day basis, and are beginning to explore the benefits of digital permits for employees.

benefits of digital permits for employees

One way to solve the parking problem for employees is to leave it up to the employees to arrange their own parking each day – on or off-street. However, this approach is likely to leave employees frustrated if the parking facility is badly managed or if there is a dearth of organized parking spaces near the office space.

These days, a greater number of offices are deploying parking permits to solve this problem and manage parking in an intelligent and orderly way. The result – efficiently allocated parking spots and happier employees who don’t have to waste precious time cruising for a spot every day.

What is a Parking Permit?

A parking permit or a monthly is a popular way to control parking privileges. Essentially, it is a badge (physical or virtual) given to a motorist to park in a certain area. Offices and residential complexes use parking permits to make life easier for employees and residents.

Many companies use parking permits to manage employee parking, allowing people to park in certain spots, sometimes on certain days. For instance, senior management may be given a badge and allowed to park in front of the office. Middle management may be given another badge for a dedicated area, and so on.

Digital Permits for Offices

It is clear that distributing permits to employees holds a lot of advantages. This gives employees a proper understanding of their entitlements while giving the parking complex’s staff a framework to ensure that rules are followed on the premises.

However, a major drawback of issuing physical permits is the need for extensive manual management. Say, a company wanted to change the color scheme of badges for a particular group of employees. This would demand a large amount of effort and time to print and distribute the new badges to the staff. This is why companies are now choosing permit management software to simplify and automate this process.

By bringing all permit data to the cloud, parking facility owners can make permit management cost-effective, flexible, and more efficient. As opposed to physical permits, digital permits are distributed electronically by collecting license plate data of a vehicle.

For employees of a particular organization, parking operators can customize digital permits through a centralized platform. Thus, employees with permits can enter the parking lot without displaying tags or cards, since their vehicle’s details are automatically recognized by smart permit management systems in the parking lot.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of digital permits for employees.

Benefits of Digital Permits for Employees

Digital permits simplify the entire process for both employees and parking operators. A permit management software uses license plate recognition technology, allowing parking operators to identify authorized and unauthorized visitors in seconds. Getting access to the parking lot becomes an automatic process that doesn’t need manual intervention, thus saving employees time.

Employees typically spend significant amounts of time searching for a parking spot when they come into work. With a permit management system, they can book parking spots digitally and thus save time.

With a permit management system, the parking staff can identify unauthorized vehicle entries in real time. Thus, the security of the facility increases manifold. Only employees can access the designated spots. No matter how much time they spend in the office, employees can rest assured that their vehicle is safe in the facility.

Overall, parking permits improve employee satisfaction by eliminating the daily frustration of looking for a safe parking spot. What’s more, they also benefit from discounted monthly parking rates and don’t have to shell out big sums. In fact, many organizations are now including parking permits in the ‘employee benefits’ category of compensation packages.


Companies are making the switch to digital permit management systems, thanks to the improved operational efficiencies they offer, apart from the benefits of digital permits for employees.

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