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How Efficient Bike Parking Can Transform Cities3 min read

Oct 12, 2021 3 min

How Efficient Bike Parking Can Transform Cities3 min read

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Since the lack of car parking proves to be a major hurdle in most cities, authorities, and governments must work on replacing automobiles with cleaner alternatives. More than the parking woes, the rapid environmental degradation is also why we must switch to sustainable commuting options.  Walking or riding a bicycle are environment-friendly alternatives with several health benefits. But while cycling is an excellent transportation method, it raises one big question – where should you park your bike? This is why having an efficient bike parking system becomes essential.

The coronavirus pandemic led to an increase in the number of people adopting biking as a mode of transport and exercise. And to aid this new trend, sophisticated bike parking systems are a must in high-density areas.

Can bike parking pave the path to better cities?

Bicycle parking is crucial for urban communities today as cycling has undeniable health benefits and can reduce congestion in cities. Let’s take the example of Tokyo – cycling is highly prevalent in Japan, which is why bike parking is a massive issue in the city.

To tackle this, an engineering firm Giken Seisakusho Co. came up with the idea of an underground bike parking system called ‘Eco-cycle’. It can store 144 bikes without taking up any space in the city. You simply mount the bike on a platform, and the system will drop it into an 11-meter deep underground bike storage.

The concept might sound strange at first, but it’s incredibly functional! Since the bike is kept underground, it is protected from rain, extreme weather, and other damage.

Now, imagine this design concept in other big cities around the world. By incorporating a similar model, more cities can pave the way towards low carbon transport, less air pollution, better public health, and a more liveable environment for people.

Why should businesses focus on bicycle parking?

If you ask a cyclist what hurdles they face in bike parking, the answer will be somewhere along the lines of security and accessibility. That’s because it is still challenging to find, even in big cities.

On the other hand, car parking remains a significant part of the US economy, with structured parking lots across the country. But you’ll be surprised to find that bike parking can generate a higher revenue than car parking.

Although many business owners are wary of adopting bike parking at first, it has been observed that it is an affordable investment. For starters, it takes up lesser space than car parking and has a considerably lower cost. Besides, when bike parking is readily available at destinations, more people choose to ride to those places.

According to a study in Melbourne, bike parking brought in 5 times more revenue than car parking. What’s more, another study in Toronto revealed that customers who biked to a local business spent more money at the place than those who drove. Therefore, converting car parking to bike parking is also an effective way for facility and business owners to increase their revenue.

To sum up

At the end of the day, cities need to focus on safety and convenience to make cycling a more attractive commuting option for people. And to achieve this, investing in smart biking infrastructure is essential to improve the overall biking experience.