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Why Should You Retrofit LED Lights in the Parking Lots?3 min read

Mar 7, 2022 3 min

Why Should You Retrofit LED Lights in the Parking Lots?3 min read

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We’d all choose a well lit parking lot over a dingy-looking one. A bright parking space offers a greater semblance of security. If you’re an operator at a car park, you may seriously want to consider retrofit LED lights in the parking lots.

Perhaps you’ve decided to go with the cost-effective High-Intensity Discharge (HID) fixtures to get the job done. But did you know that retrofitting offers a better bang for your buck?

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Why Use Retrofit LED Lights in Parking Lots?

1. Reduce energy consumption

LED fixtures use a small amount of energy to generate bright light and produce low heat in the process. This makes them more energy-efficient than most other light fittings. For perspective, with LED lighting, you can reduce the energy consumption up to 50%, thus reducing your HVAC costs. You only need a few LED fixtures to light up any area. Hence, you save money on product purchasing costs as well.

2. Lower maintenance costs

Unlike conventional bulbs, LEDs use solid-state technology that doesn’t lose much energy to heat, which means they don’t corrode easily even when trapped inside a weather-protective cover. The lifespan of a regular LED parking light is roughly 50,000 hours, about three times longer than its HID counterparts. Safe to say, you rarely encounter frequent bulb replacements once you install LED fittings.

3. Better visibility

You want your parking lot lighting to ensure better visibility even under low light conditions. Retrofit LED lights in parking lots, helps you achieve exactly that! These lighting solutions give out directional light with low glare, thereby allowing you to spotlight specific areas like entry points and corners. Additionally, since they have a higher color-rendering Index (CRI), LEDs provide better colors. No wonder upgrading your lighting fixtures to LED retrofits takes the visibility of your parking space up by several notches.

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4. Low installation costs

The price of LED lighting fixtures might be on the higher end. However, these being sustainable lighting solutions,plenty of rebatesare available on their purchase. In fact, you can pay off a lot of your parking lot lighting purchase and installation costs with rebate money, provided you apply for them early on.

Before applying for utility benefits, remember to check where you can claim rebates if they are applicable only on specific payment modes, when you need to submit your application to claim maximum benefits, etc.

5. Controllable brightness

When your parking lots are not as busy, they could easily do with dimmer lighting. When you retrofit LED fixtures, you can dial down the brightness control.

These days retrofit LED fixtures come with smart controls that give you even more power over brightness and lighting timing. Some even include a dashboard with lighting usage trends helping you make lighting adjustments and thereby saving on electricity costs.

Over to you

Outdoor lighting uses up a tremendous amount of energy, roughly 120 terawatt-hours. And a bulk of it goes into lighting up streets and parking lots. Moreover, according to the IDA (International Dark-Sky Association), 30% of all outdoor lighting is wasted in the US alone due to inefficient lighting. This amounts to over 21 million tons of CO2 gases released every year. A whopping figure by all means.

Thankfully, quality outdoor lighting can bring down both energy usage and carbon emissions significantly. Fully-shielded retrofit lighting fixtures help you achieve this.

If you’re planning to hop onto the retrofit lighting bandwagon, why not make the switch to a smart parking system that allows you to control lighting and also makes managing parking easier? At Get My Parking, we offer a smart parking solution that helps you control and integrate your parking, payments, and equipment at all touch points.

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