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Self-driving Vehicles Can Now Adapt to the Weather2 min read

Oct 5, 2022 2 min
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Self-driving Vehicles Can Now Adapt to the Weather2 min read

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Self-driving vehicles, also called autonomous or driverless cars, use sensors, cameras, and Artificial intelligence (AI) to drive from one destination to the other. But that’s not all these self-driving vehicles do. Now they can quickly adapt to the world’s most traditional phenomenon, i.e., changing weather conditions.

Helping AVs navigate through turbulent weather

Oxford researchers have partnered with members of the Bogazici University in Turkey to create an AI system that enables AVs to navigate their way through adverse weather. We cannot stress the importance of this.

Since their inception, AVs have been limited to a small sphere. This is primarily due to their inability to navigate their way during heavy rain and snow. A self-driving vehicle could easily take a wrong turn, negating the reliability of an AV.

AVs have a tough time seeing through inclement weather. Their visual sensors get blocked by downpours and snowfalls, affecting their ability to decipher road signs. These wrong turns can pose an inconvenience and incur the dreaded risk of road accidents. Most preceding self-driving vehicles use LiDAR to ‘see,’ but clearly, this technology has its shortcomings.

Understanding the Breakthrough AI Model for AVs

This new AI technology puts all ‘autonomy’ concerns to rest by powering AVs to be unaffected by bad weather conditions. This model leverages the power of ego-motion estimation that measures the vehicle’s moving position relative to other objects (road lines, other cars, street signs) as seen from the vehicle itself.

After collecting data from existing technology like LiDAR, cameras and sensors, and radar and how they are affected by weather, researchers developed more advanced technology to pave the way for safer autonomous driving through any and all kinds of weather. This proved to be a success, and these AVs fitted with the latest AI system boast of excellent performance through rain, snow, fog, and night.

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