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Every Parking Lot in France Will Soon Be Covered in Solar Panels2 min read

Dec 12, 2022 2 min
Parking Lot in France

Every Parking Lot in France Will Soon Be Covered in Solar Panels2 min read

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With the rise of electric vehicles, there’s a lot of pressure on governments to find ways to generate electricity from renewable sources. France has found an interesting solution: covering every parking lot with solar panels.

France is one of the most environmentally progressive countries in the world, and its government has set ambitious goals for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. One way they’re going about achieving this is by installing solar panels on every parking lot in their country.

The idea came from a former French president who noticed that many people who wanted to buy an electric car were unable to do so because they didn’t have enough space at home or at work to keep it plugged in while charging. He realized that if they could install solar panels on top of all the parking spots in France, people could simply park their cars there while they charged up, and then take them out again when they were ready to go.

Solar has received a significant boost in France, according to new laws adopted by the Senate last week. Solar panels will be required to cover all parking lots with at least 80 car places, both current and new.

Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, has a proposal to spend extensively in renewable energy. While it is unknown, future iterations of the bill will very probably explain which parking lots would be excluded, as well as how this plan will be funded and the penalty for noncompliance. Other proposals include constructing enormous solar farms on unoccupied land beside railways and highways in addition to agricultural fields where practicable.

By 2025, France intends to have 156 train stations equipped with 190,000 square meters of solar panels, and by 2030, 1.1 million square meters. Additionally, the government hopes to construct 50 more wind farms off the Saint-Nazaire coast by 2050.

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