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Law Establishes Downtown Parking Maximums in Nashville2 min read

Dec 27, 2022 2 min
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Law Establishes Downtown Parking Maximums in Nashville2 min read

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The City Council of Nashville passed a bill that will change the minimum parking requirements to downtown parking maximums in Nashville. The city is the last in a wave of cities to change their parking rules. In the second half of 2023, Oregon, California, Cincinnati, Ann Arbor, and Cambridge passed historic parking reforms.

According to Cassandra Stephenson, property developers and owners who wanted to build in Nashville had to provide a certain number of parking spots on-site. Under the new law, the old minimum number of parking spaces is now the max number of spaces that can be built on urban-zoned land.

The changes affect Nashville’s Urban Zoning Overlay – an area from Interstate 440 to Eastern Nashville, and from parts of Southern Nashville to Hillwood. Most of the land in this area is within a quarter mile of bus lines run by WeGo, Nashville’s public transportation system, says Stephenson.

The law was passed with the backing of planners and politicians, who claimed that this could reduce traffic and pollution by encouraging people in the city centre to use other ways to get around. Getting rid of parking minimums also makes it easier to build homes in all price brackets, but especially those that are affordable.

However, not everyone applauded this law. A few council members were against the plan, claiming that the city’s public transportation system is not good enough to cut lower the dependence on cars and cut down on downtown parking spaces. Some residents, too, expressed their disapproval for the change because they were worried about the possibility of spillover parking in neighboring residential areas.

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