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California Doubles EV Charging Stations With $3B Investment2 min read

Dec 31, 2022 2 min
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California Doubles EV Charging Stations With $3B Investment2 min read

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The state’s $2.9 billion plan will approximately double the EV charging stations in California and will help improve charging infrastructure for commercial trucks and electric buses.

California is installing EV chargers in each municipality and corner of the state, Gov. Gavin Newsom declared.

The funds will go toward installing 90,000 new chargers throughout California, according to the California Energy Commission (CEC), which approved the funding.

With the new chargers, California will have 170,000 charging stations. Combined with other schemes, such as the federal EV charging network in the neighborhood of $7.5 billion, this brings California closer to its goal of constructing 250,000 chargers by 2025.

The plan includes $1.7 billion for “medium- and heavy-duty ZEV infrastructure,” likely utilized by commercial vehicles and buses. California has backed this as the Megawatt Charging System (MCS) takes shape.

The funds will not entirely go to EV charging. The plan allocates $90 million for hydrogen re-fuelling infrastructure, $15 million for low-carbon fuels, and $15 million for zero- and near-zero-carbon fuels.

In 2020, the governor of California, Newsom, made the announcement that the state would prohibit the sale of non-plug-in gasoline-powered light automobiles beginning in 2035. Since that time, the state government has taken action to support the aforementioned claim.

Even prior to 2035, the relatively significant number of electric vehicles that are now operating on the state’s roads will benefit from the increase in EV charging stations in California.

California has the highest percentage of sales of fully electric vehicles in the US, and earlier in 2022, the state broke the 15% barrier for the new vehicle market. As of earlier this year, it was estimated that California accounted for approximately one-eighth of Tesla’s total market worldwide.

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