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How to Make Parking-friendly Cities for Bikes and Cars?3 min read

Jan 9, 2023 2 min
parking friendly cities for bikes and car

How to Make Parking-friendly Cities for Bikes and Cars?3 min read

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People living in large cities are painfully familiar with the struggle to locate parking. Those who prefer traveling on bikes to navigate the traffic know how difficult it can be to securely park their two-wheelers. But, is there a way to make parking-friendly cities for bikes and cars? Read this blog to see how a city can offer for accessible parking for everyone.

Rethinking Street Design

By adjusting street design, it may be possible to provide more parking spaces without expanding outward. One approach to address this is creating parking spaces that are clearly defined, especially on-road parallel parking slots. This would let us fit more automobiles in less area, freeing up some place for bike racks.

Alternatively, councils may convert unused automobile parking spots into safe bike storage.

Leveraging Technology

Using technology can help improve busy-area parking. Digital signage, for example, might advise vehicles and bikers where free parking spaces are, thus saving time. Other than that, it could prevent the dangerous last-minute turns that road-users often make.

With more people than ever preferring to park using apps, operators are under pressure to offer digital parking solutions to their customers. With Get My Parking, you can automate and digitize your parking lot without having to invest in expensive brand-new equipment – our retrofit technology integrates seamlessly with your existing solutions to set up lightning-fast payment and access in your location via a custom-branded parking app.

Creating Underground Parking

Historic cities were not really meant for the huge number of residents and cars they have now. This causes buildings to be notably packed, which limits expansion and innovation – particularly in metropolitan centers.

To counter this, many places are developing underground car parks. The Dutch city of Utrecht has, for example, developed the largest underground bike parking space in the world, with space for 12,500 bikes on two-tier racks.

Not only does this allow current bikers can park their bikes safely out of the rain, but it also makes cycling more attractive to other people. An increase in cycle translates to a dip in car usage and, by extension, a reduction in carbon emissions.

Wrapping Up

There are a number of ways to create parking-friendly cities for bikes and cars. By making parking easier for bikers, in particular, we can encourage more people to prioritize pedal power.

Manage Parking Effortlessly

It’s easier to make cities parker-friendly with smart parking management technology that accelerates the whole process of finding and paying for a spot on the street.

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