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Wireless EV Charging Gets Ready for Prime Time2 min read

Feb 24, 2023 2 min
Wireless EV Charging

Wireless EV Charging Gets Ready for Prime Time2 min read

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Wireless charging has become quite common with smartphones today. You’ve probably heard by now that developers have come up with the same tech for electric vehicles. Wireless EV charging works much the same way as wireless smartphone charging – but it works with significantly larger batteries and on much higher levels of power.

Yet, after a few demonstrations and news releases throughout the middle of the teens, it seemed as though the technology disappeared off the radar.

Behind the scenes, engineers were working to formulate a standard for the industry, with the assistance of industry consolidation. It is now a done deal, and electric vehicles (EVs) equipped from the factory with wireless charging are beginning to hit the market, although not yet in the United States.

The ease with which it can be utilized makes its potential for adoption look promising, especially for motorists who are unable to visualize their lives without the gas station.

Wireless EV charging is already being deployed in China and South Korea. The Genesis GV60 is a somewhat modern electric crossover that just recently hit the market in the United States. Wireless charging, however, is only accessible in the GV60’s South Korean home market for the time being. Wireless charging pads are being installed by Genesis at its branded EV charging stations, although according to Gruzen, the vast majority of these pads will be installed in private garages and carports rather than in public spaces.

One cannot rule out the possibility of China serving as a pioneer. According to Gruzen, the majority of new cars sold in China are now electric. As all electric vehicles share fundamentally similar components like batteries, inverters, and motors, manufacturers will need to discover ways to set their vehicles apart once EVs become the de facto choice for most consumers.

A growing emphasis is being placed on user-centered design and functionality. As of now, three Chinese automakers are offering wireless EV charging as an option, and another seven are expected to follow suit by 2023.

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