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Using QR Codes to Enhance Parking2 min read

Feb 26, 2023 2 min
QR Codes in Parking

Using QR Codes to Enhance Parking2 min read

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QRs can now be found everywhere, from restaurant tables to product packaging. Now that most smartphones come with an inbuilt QR scanner, it’s become a really easy and fast way for business owners to receive payments and communicate information to their customers. QR codes can assist in streamlining your entire parking facility. Here are a few of the most important use-cases for QR codes in parking.

How to Use QR Codes in Parking

Parking space payments often require customers to wait in queues in front of a payment kiosk. QR codes remove this problem completely, speeding things up in your parking lot and increasing customer satisfaction.

Using QR codes in parking, you can accept digital payments without a costly setup. Place the code at your checkout/entry corner, and customers can simply scan it and pay. With solutions like GMP QR, you can instantly set up quick, cashless payments in your portfolio, with a coherent parking management platform to back it up. Once you set up the unique QR Code in your parking lot, your parkers can scan the QR code to access your custom-branded web app. They can start their sessions, apply validations and pay using their preferred method, without committing to a dedicated parking app. You can also customize promo codes, import your rate structure and run promo campaigns with your retail partners.

  • Increase in Website Traffic

If you have a website through which you offer parking services, putting a QR code up in your lot or in your advertising material is an easy way to get people to check it out. For instance, GMP Permit provides a custom web app through which you can sell digital permits and season passes. Putting up a QR code in your locations with a catchy line about saving money and time with a permit can boost your sales significantly.

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  • Offering Discounts and Coupons

Discounts and promos are the best way to get people to buy a service. Parking coupons created in partnership with local retailers are very common, but with QR technology, it’s easier to distribute coupons.

With GMP’s Partner Portal solution, your retail partners can distribute promo codes as QR codes that customers can scan through their parking app or web app to redeem the offer. The retailer can view all the different coupons they can offer the customer, track validation usage for each branch, and pay in bulk through a self-serve portal.

To sum up, QR codes in parking can be used to offer a seamless customer experience, delight your clients with discounts and coupons, and grow your business by increasing website traffic.

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