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Improving University Transport with EVs2 min read

Feb 28, 2023 2 min
Improving University Transport with EVs

Improving University Transport with EVs2 min read

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In order to provide both novice and experienced electric car drivers the chance to try out cutting-edge EVs, the Fleet Management at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is providing highly discounted rates to university departments through the end of February. By submitting a car rental request, interested departments and individuals can reserve a vehicle of their choice.

As part of their quest for improving university transport with EVs, the UNL Fleet Management purchased two Chevrolet Bolts 2022 for use as university rentals, last fall. This one-time promotional deal was created because Fleet Management wants to see the vehicles used more frequently. The $5 per day pricing includes the expense of electric charging. The vehicles can be rented for no more than three days at a time, in order to make sure that many individuals from around campus have the opportunity to try the cars.

The Bolts are the latest in a growing fleet of electric vehicles on campus, which also includes those used by parking services in order to keep track of parking permits and rules. A few years ago, the university tried out electric cars for the first time by using a couple of Mitsubishi IMiEVs for courier services. As courier services ceased to be necessary, they remarketed the IMiEVs and began buying Chevrolet Bolts during 2021.

The initial Bolts were positioned at parking facilities. After installing its license plate recognition technology, the parking service increased its fleet from two to four vehicles. Both the Utilities Plant and the university’s Police Department drive electric cars. On March 1, a second electric car will be delivered to the utility plant.

The aim is not only to improve university transport with EVs but also to go green and become more efficient. If a trip is too far for an EV, fleet management has a wide range of other vehicles that run on gas that can be used for university business travel on the ground.

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