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Here’s how you can earn more by going app-less2 min read

Apr 20, 2023 2 min

Here’s how you can earn more by going app-less2 min read

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With Get My Parking’s suite of smart parking solutions, operators can launch their own digital white-labeled web portals for their consumer offerings.

Here’s how our customized, end-to-end web solutions can give your parking business the boost it needs.

  • Go app-less with web solutions

Our web apps increase the accessibility of your parking business. Parkers can discover and pay for parking from the comforts of their web browsers, without having to download a dedicated app on their phones for parking. Get the full functionality of a mobile app without subjecting your parker to the occasional app store updates.

  • Boost your Brand

Our white-label solutions are customized with your brand colors, logo, and theme. Operators can mix and match a variety of features to create the perfect web app that suits your business requirements. Our team also provides on-demand API integrations with third-party websites or apps – this gives operators the flexibility to boost other portals through which they provide consumer offerings.

  • Touchless Payments

Set up lightning-fast and touchless payments at your car park using our white-labeled QR solutions. Our team provides a unique and secure QR code that redirects to your custom-branded web app through which your customers can pay for parking using their preferred method. The web-based QR solution removes the need for expensive new installations and is equipped with safety measures against dangers like QR fraud.

Gain complete control over your parking data through a centralized admin dashboard which lets you keep track of every session and transaction that happens through your web-based solution. Provide seamless customer support through the admin dashboard with real-time data about access methods, payments, and more.

  • Future-proof your existing solutions

Our web-based solutions retrofit seamlessly with your existing equipment to provide touchless access and payment at your parking lot. With lightning-fast deployment in just two weeks, you can future-proof your car park with our regularly updated web apps that enable a hands-on-wheel experience for your parkers.

  • Launch Sponsored Ads for More Revenue

Create in-app ads that are visible to users of their custom-branded web app. Welcome an entirely new revenue stream by reaching out to users at their first point of contact – when they scan a QR code and access the web app to start their parking session. The ads appear on a catchy carousel that the user can scroll through and explore. The display image and the ad copy can be customized in just a few steps. You can link each ad to the webpage from where the user can avail the advertised service. It’s also possible to create location-specific ads so that revenue is maximized across your portfolio.

Earn more with a cashless, lightning-fast payment method that your parkers will love! Get your custom web app, complete with in-app sponsored ads – schedule a demo today or contact us at