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Can AR-powered Features Revolutionize Automated Parking?2 min read

May 17, 2023 2 min
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Can AR-powered Features Revolutionize Automated Parking?2 min read

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Automated parking has been around for a while, but what if we could implement AR-powered features in automated parking to enhance the technology further?

This is Ford’s vision – the automobile giant has filed a patent for an AR-powered parking system that would allow drivers to park their cars autonomously using an augmented reality interface.

To precisely compute available space, the system would use onboard technologies to analyze the vehicle’s position and size, estimate the available parking space, and install a 3D vehicle model in the parking slot. Drivers would utilize the AR interface to pick the desired parking space, and the automobile would park itself using the system’s analysis.

The AR display could also allow drivers to maneuver the car in any direction, making parking in tight spaces easier. When comparing 3D data to available parking space, the technology would also consider current attachments, such as freight boxes or bicycles.

While it may appear to be a pipe dream, AR-powered technologies like automated parking are increasingly making their way into the car market. Some navigation solutions, for example, now include AR-powered elements that provide drivers extra capabilities, such as automatic object detection on top of real-life pictures.

Although there is no news on when Ford’s AR-powered parking system will be available for mass production, it demonstrates how AR technology has the potential to transform automatic parking. With the integration of AR and other modern technologies, we may envision a future in which parking is no longer a tedious pain but rather an uncomplicated task, freeing up drivers’ time and energy to focus on other vital matters.

Read Also: Advantages of Automated Parking System To sum up, augmented reality is poised to transform the way we park our cars. AR-powered features in automated parking systems can make parking easier for drivers by automatically detecting and assessing parking spaces.

And, with Ford currently investigating the potential of such technology, it’s just a matter of time before AR-powered features become commonplace in automated parking systems. As we progress toward a more connected and autonomous future, it’s thrilling to see how technology like augmented reality will improve our driving experience and make our lives easier.