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How Will the EU’s AI Act Proposal Affect Self-Driving Cars?2 min read

May 19, 2023 2 min
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How Will the EU’s AI Act Proposal Affect Self-Driving Cars?2 min read

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Autonomous vehicles have been the talk of the town for some time, with major automakers and tech companies competing to be the first to launch truly autonomous vehicles. The EU’s AI Act Proposal might have a significant impact on self-driving cars.

While the AI Act does not directly apply to self-driving cars, several of its accountability criteria will. The Act requires that the Commission consider specific requirements when implementing delegated acts according to the type-approval framework for motor vehicles, which will have an impact on the progress of self-driving cars and their AI-based safety components.

The relevance of artificial intelligence in the development of self-driving cars cannot be overstated. AI is widely regarded as the primary enabler of automated and self-driving vehicles, and it is used in various in-vehicle applications, including safety functions, enhanced driver-assistance systems, and even infotainment systems.

The impact of the EU’s AI Act Proposal on self-driving cars, although indirect, is likely to be considerable – particularly on data governance, risk management, and human oversight of high-risk AI systems.

Under future delegated acts, the breadth of the Act’s obligations for self-driving automobiles will be a contentious issue. It is critical to identify which AI systems qualify as safety components when applied in specific circumstances. Furthermore, the Act needs high-quality data for AI systems to work properly, which is especially crucial for self-driving cars because of the variety of driving settings around the world.

A risk management framework for high-risk AI systems must be built, which includes the discovery, analysis, and mitigation of any dangers associated with the systems. The Act also requires that high-risk AI systems be conceived and developed in such a way that they can be properly overseen by human beings while in operation, which may be difficult in the case of self-driving automobiles.

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