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Change the Way People Park with Smart Parking Solutions2 min read

Jul 13, 2023 2 min
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Change the Way People Park with Smart Parking Solutions2 min read

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It’s really important that payments in your car park are convenient, fast, and easy for your parkers to figure out. GMP’s smart parking solutions offer a variety of ways in which operators can set up quick and easy payments at their parking lots at cost-effective prices.

With GMP’s payment solutions, you can set up consumer touchpoints where your parkers can pay before or after their sessions, add promo codes to avail of discounts, and extend their sessions on the go.

Everything is controlled by a powerful admin portal through which you can configure permits, discounts, and parking rates. In 2021, we saw a 117% increase in customers, all of whom have seen a spectacular increase in revenue after setting up our touchless smart parking solutions.

Let’s take a look at the GMP smart parking solutions that can revolutionize the way your parkers pay.

With GMP App, you can launch a parking app at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to build it from scratch. Users can find parking, create and manage sessions, and pay online for the perfect hands-on parking experience. No tickets, no cash, no more trips to the payment machine.

Go app-less with a QR-based solution – the fastest and cheapest way to set up contactless, ticketless parking in your location. Just put up a high-vis QR code at their location where their parkers can spot it. Parkers can scan the QR code to pay through a custom-branded web app – no downloads, no dedicated parking app.

  • Payments made flexible

With our smart park solutions, you can set up pre-pay and post-pay parking for your customers. The post-pay payment method allows parkers to add validations after they have created the session to avail of offers they encounter when they visit your retail partners.

Get My Parking’s smart parking management system has security and compliance at its core, with a cloud-encrypted data infrastructure that is GDPR-compliant and approved by KPMG. Access to various modules on the admin dashboard can be granted hierarchically at a company level, making it easier for operators to define roles within their company.

Earn more with a cashless, lightning-fast payment that your parkers will love!

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