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How to Boost Your Returns with Parking Validations3 min read

Oct 12, 2023 2 min
Boost your Returns with Parking Validations

How to Boost Your Returns with Parking Validations3 min read

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Parking validations are often overlooked when operators are looking for ways to boost their returns. With Get My Parking, you can launch your own white-labeled app where you can set up parking validations that your retail partners can distribute as QR code coupons! Parkers can scan to validate and get a discount on parking.

Here’s how our customized, end-to-end web solutions can give your parking business the boost it needs with easy to use validations:

Launch a custom-branded parking app at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop it in-house. With GMP App, parkers can find car parks near them and get all the information they need on the location – including parking rates, operating hours, available validations, and more!

  • Easy to create and manage

Our powerful dashboard makes it a breeze to create custom offers and promo codes with a versatile Discount Module. Customize your promo codes, set up different kinds of usage restrictions for offers, and preview your validations before they’re made public.

  • Promote your validations with in-app ads

Upsell your retail promos with catchy in-app ads. The ads appear on a catchy carousel that the user can scroll through and explore. The display image and the ad copy can be customized in just a few steps. You can link each ad to the webpage from where the user can avail the advertised service. It’s also possible to create location-specific ads so that revenue is maximized across your portfolio. Parkers will be likelier to use your validations when they’re out and about if they’ve already copied the promo code from your in-app ad!

  • An easy to use self-serve portal

Our platform comes with an AR engine that helps you streamline the communications between you and your retail partners – it automates invoices and simplifies the process of distributing validations. Once the partner and the operator have configured validations, they can be distributed in the form of QR codes through the partner’s self-serve portal.

Cashiers can choose a coupon from the self-serve portal and display the corresponding QR code to the customer, who can scan it to have their validation automatically applied to their ongoing parking session.

  • Hassle-free payments

Retail partners receive automated invoices with a detailed price breakdown on their self-serve portal and on their emails. They have a variety of payment methods to choose from like CC, Bank Debit, eCheck, ACH, Wire, etc. Partners can choose to pay directly from their portal or using the link in the email. You can also manually customize and send out invoices if necessary.

  • Track validation usage 

Through our self-serve partner portal, retail partners can track validation usage with comprehensive expenditure reports from individual retail branches, complete with visual representations of the data. Operators can keep track of every validation, transaction, and session across their parking location with our powerful analytics tool, GMP IQ.

Make the most of your parking app with paperless parking validations! Get your custom web app, complete with in-app sponsored ads – schedule a demo today or contact us at