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Celebrating 9 Years of Get My Parking: A Day of Fun, Laughter, and Cricket!1 min read

Jul 11, 2024 < 1 min
GMP 9th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating 9 Years of Get My Parking: A Day of Fun, Laughter, and Cricket!1 min read

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We celebrated our 9th anniversary on 6th July 2024 with a fantastic day filled with fun, laughter, and cricket! The event was a perfect blend of entertainment and camaraderie – an evening we’re sure we won’t forget anytime soon!

The schedule was packed with entertainment – hilarious roasts had everyone in stitches, dance performances lit up the stage, and quizzes kept us all on our toes. The musical chairs game brought out the competitive and playful sides of our team, with everyone fighting to be the last one standing! It’s wonderful to see that we bring the GMP spirit to everything we do 😀

One of the highlights of the day was recognizing the champions in our team who’ve shown consistent excellence. We celebrated those who hit multi-year milestones with Get My Parking, acknowledging their dedication and contributions. We were also blessed to have our alumni in attendance, who shared their inspiring journeys and reminded us of our shared history and growth.

A huge thank you to our incredible volunteers who made our cricket-themed annual day a grand success. Your hard work and enthusiasm were instrumental in making this event possible. This year, the Yellow House took home the trophy, exemplifying our company values of up-skilling, self-care, and helping each other. Their commitment to these values sets a high standard for us all.

As we gear up for the upcoming year, we are filled with excitement and anticipation for what the future holds. Our 9th anniversary celebration was a testament to the strong bond we share as a team and our collective commitment to growing together. Here’s to many more anniversaries and continued success!

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